We are manufacturing various types of Fixed & Swivel Castor Wheels in various materials as

Fiber : Phenolic Resin + Hardner + Cotton Fiber
UHMW- HDPE : Ultra High Molecular Wight Hidensity Poly Ethylene
PP : Poly Propelene
C.I : Cast  Iron
PU on C.I : Polyurethene Bonded on C.I.
PU ON PP : Polyurethene Bonded on P.P
Rubber Tyre : Solid Rubber Tyre on Flange

Application : Castor Wheels are in

1) Light Duty Pressed Type

2) Medium Duty Fabricated Type

3) Heavy Duty Forged Type--
    Suitable  for your application.

Our Commitments :

1) Castor Wheels to fulfill  Customer  needs

2) Timely Deliveries  & Prompt Availabilities

3) Good  Quality Material & Robust Design


Castor Wheels Fiber Wheels
Bonded Rubber Tyre Wheels Light Duty Pressed Steel Castors
We are manufacturers and our setup is situated at Karvenagar, Pune ( Maharashtra, India. )
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