Fiber Wheels

We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Fiber Wheels, Trolley Wheels, Fiber Trolley Wheels and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We serve the customers from Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Solapur, Pune. Fiber Wheels are Solid Fiber (Phenolic Resin + Shredded Cotton Fiber + Hardner) Wheels Suitable for Heavy Duty Application.

Hardness of Wheel : ( 90 ± 5 ) on Shore ‘D’ scale
Maximum Working Temperature : 1700C

Construction : Phenolic Resin + Hardner + Cotton Fibre

Manufacturing Process : Compression Moulding at pressure 150 tun and temp 140 C to 160 C.

Properties :

Compression Strength : 1400 to 1700 kg/cm
Coeticient of friction with respect to dry stee : 0-20 to 0.25
Water absorptin : Nill at Normal climate 2% upon immershion
Maximum allowable Temp : 150 C
Dielectric Const : 5 KVA

Advantages over CI Rubber Wheels

  • High Load carrying capacity as compression strength is higher.
  • Less handling efforts as Co. efficient of friction is low
  • Floor protection
  • No Corrosion : There is no reaction of Water / oil / acid / alkali
  • Longer life as abrasion resistance is moe than rubber
  • High Temp Resistance
  • Electricity Non Conductive up to 5 KVA