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Polyamide Knobs

Polyamide knobs, also known as nylon knobs, are a type of knob that is made from polyamide, which is a synthetic polymer commonly used in engineering applications. "Stud type" refers to the design of the knob, which typically includes a threaded stud or bolt that protrudes from the base of the knob for easy installation onto a threaded shaft or surface.

Polyamide knobs are known for their durability, strength, and resistance to wear, chemicals, and heat. They are often used in industrial, automotive, and machinery applications where heavy-duty and reliable knobs are required. The stud type design allows for easy attachment and secure fastening onto a threaded shaft or surface, making them suitable for applications that require frequent adjustments or tightening.

Polyamide knobs with a stud type design are commonly used in various settings, including machinery controls, tool handles, equipment panels, and electrical enclosures. They can be found in applications such as machine tools, industrial equipment, automotive components, and consumer products.

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